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Alberta Rock Clubs

Alberta Federation of Rock Clubs

The following are members of the Alberta Federation:

Barrhead Gem Seekers

Calgary Faceters Guild

Calgary Rock & Lapidary Club

Edmonton Tumblewood Lapidary Club

Lacombe Handicraft & Lapidary Guild

Lloydminster Rock & Gem Club

Medicine Hat Rock & Lapidary Club

Red Deer Rock & Gem Club

Southern Alberta Rockhounds

Alberta Sites of Interest

Alberta Government Page Index Page

Alberta Government News Releases

Alberta Search Page

Water Forecasts

British Columbia Sites of Interest

B.C. Government Page

Saskatchewan Sites of Interest

Manitoba Sites of Interest

Canada (National) Sites of Interest

The Gem and Mineral Federation of Canada

Environment Canada - The Green Lane

United States Sites of Interest

U.S. Geological Survey Home Page

Rocks and the Law (Policy, Enforcement & Forensics)

Canadian Environmental Law Association

More sites to come - with links to provincial regulations

Online Journals, Newspapers and Databases

More sites to come - that are much more rock & mineral related

Canadian Internet Resources

CBC RADIO     (follow the links to "ideas" programming, or use search engine to find environmental issues)

Environmental News Network

Environment News Service

Journal Listings

Lethbridge Herald Online


Liszt, the mailing list directory

Mike Gilpin's "Ask the Wizard"

National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI)

NRC Press    to see a list of NRC publications click here

Resources for the Future

Science Daily News

Scholarly Journals Distributed Via the World-Wide Web

Unte Web Watch (a digest of alternative sites)

Web-based scholarly journals

Science Organizations

American Geophysical Union

American Museum of Natural History


Polar Studies:

American Geological Institute

Directory of Polar and Cold Regions Organizations

Northern Contaminants Program (NCP)

Northern Resources Research Centre

Polar Websites    htttp://

The Association of Canadian Universities for Northern Studies (ACUNS)

The University of the Arctic

Wire Wrapping

Basic Wire Wrapping for Cabs (19 page guide)

Wire Wrap a Faceted Stone (9 page guide)

Tree of Life Pendant Pattern



Climate Change Central

Drought: A Paleo Perspective

Environment Canada Regional Text & Marine Forecasts

Intellicast Weather

NASA Climate News

Weather Channel

Weather Office

Weather Databases